About Us

Win1 Creation SdnBhd is an independent full service firm specializing in interior design, home design and renovations, contemporary architecture and renovation consultancy services. As a design, concept and implementation firm, we deliver end to end solutions and have a reputation for delivering thoughtful transformations.

With over 25 years of experience, we bring deep insights, rigorous expertise and fresh perspectives at every step. Our longevity is attributed to our ability to understand the explicit and implicit needs of our discerning clients and translate those visions to reality within the constraints of time, budget and resources.

Be it residential, commercial or anything in between, we take pride in challenging mundane practises and usual assumptions.With the ability to match past ideals and forward-looking sensibility, we deliver powerfully impressive results. Our portfolio of clients across a spectrum of sectors is a testament to our capabilities.

Welcome to a world where quality meets integrity, sense meets simplicity and excellence meets you…welcome to Win1 Creations.


Our Vision

Our Company’s vision is to provide best of the world can offer in the form of innovative building design and construction – we are the Innovative Builders.

Our Mission

Our organization mission is firmly established on 3 initiatives.

Social Mission

To deliver innovative solutions and proactively initiate methods to improve the quality of life through active interior design and key home make overs.

Service Mission

To deliver customer service excellence, incorporate ethical and best practises and ensure that every job aspect is delivered by skilled and motivated personnel.

Economic Mission

To operate the company on a sustainable financial basis to deliver profitable growth, increase value and expand the opportunities available for all stakeholders.



Suresh is an industry veteran with over 25 years of experience in the construction and interior design sectors. He thus brings rich expertise to the fields of structural planning, renovation and consultancy and has won plaudits for his over over the years.

Ready to render assistance anytime, Suresh is at the forefront of Win1 Creations in their endeavor to be the best construction and interior design firm in Malaysia.


With a background in human resource, Malar brings key skills that help balance individual aspirations with collective growth and company strategy. She is the face of the company to all local sub-contractors and ensures that a seamless project management and flow is maintained always.