Our expertise in design and build stems from the large number of projects handled over the years in different sectors and contexts. The process begins with a detailed examination of the project specifications, meetings and collaboration to understand the specific needs and aspirations.

We then team up with the designers to form a formidable partnership and cohesively review all design aspects and the corresponding flow, as it translates into construction, so that there are no gaps. Our deep knowledge of both the theory of design and the practicality of civil works ensures that we are able to deliver comprehensive and successful service to our clients at all times.

Our end to end expertise thus allows clients to fully express who they are, what they value and what holds meaning to them in a smart, fresh, diligent ad curated manner.

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Be it residential or commercial establishments, we have a range of plain and designer wallpapers that blend with your décor and lifestyle. Dynamic and unobtrusive, we give your wall a complete makeover with our offerings.

As a trusted name in interior design and renovation, Win1creation brings a plethora of possibilities and inspirational designs. We help make sense of the infinite possibilities and combinations and help you narrow down to the ones that best fit your vision of a space.

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Why tire yourself with prep work and elbow grease when we are there to help?

As professional painting contractors, we bring a world of expertise and absolute finesse to our activities. Further, our interior design, renovation and building expertise helps us give you precise ideas on the shades and works and the myriad implementation possibilities.

Be it residential or commercial, we are ready with a solution for any budget and scale and bring unmatched knowhow and expertise in every aspect related to painting right from wall preparation to choice of products.

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We offer custom-made doors, kitchen cabinets, walldrops and wardrobes and our bespoken designs are all completely customised and made to measure. Elegant, functional, sophisticated and refined, we bring value to work and money at every step.

Our professionals are dedicated to transforming your home to a dream space and take pride in combining in-depth design knowledge with skilled implementation to deliver awe-inspiring solutions. Our assessment methods, detailed measurement and precision of delivery ensure a flawless finish to the project.

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Flooring, wall tiling and carpeting are complicated and delicate tasks requiring skill, expertise and excellent management to ensure minimal disruption and elegant solutions.

With end-to-end expertise, we have the capability to cover the entire gamut of operations and deliver lasting value. Professional and courteous, it requires but one assessment from us to understand your exact needs and deliver a refined solution for a fair price.

With carpets, we deliver plain, as well as imported designs that seamlessly blend with your vision of the perfect living space.

We can assure you that we are the only flooring and carpet company you ever need…!Interested?

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Architectural grilles fabricated from the best of materials and using the latest of technology is our forte. Our innovative frames and custom grilles for residential and commercial projects are designed to meet any physical and aesthetic site conditions.

With superior technology, excellent customer support, the ability to deliver to custom projects and competitive pricing, we are ready to take on any challenge that comes our way. Engineered to perfection, we are craftsmen making your metal dreams a reality.

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When you are setting up a new home or office, shifting things, constructing a new home or simply wanting to position better, electrical wiring and network cabling can be a pain in the neck. When the entire home or commercial establishment is dependent on electricity, it is important that the wiring be done with knowledge and precision. With networks or phone lines, there is no compromise, since communication is the real lifeline.

Adding it all up, it is thus extremely important from aspects of safety and reliability that any wiring is done professionally. Our team at Win1 is eager and raring and has the ability to satisfy all your electrical and network needs and requirements. Our specialists are knowledgeable, prompt to respond and meticulous in their planning and implementation, thereby delivering a winning solution.

Further to the above, we also deliver monitoring and evaluation services (M&E) with regard to electrical wiring for our commercial and residential clients. This additional initiative gives us a well-rounded service offering and a one-stop solution for customers.

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As specialists in commercial and residential carpentry, we have been central to the success of many a re-modelling and construction jobs. Reliable, professional and affordable, we are a big boon to our clients and have delivered creative inputs as well. This has helped us create lifelong relationships and ensured that fine woodworking is a real symphony of perfection at every step of engagement.

Scope of our activities include

  • Custom cabinetry and furniture
  • Doors, windows, stairs and wooden flowing
  • Handrails
  • Displays
  • Commercial woodworking and carpentry

Aesthetically ensuring and structurally sound, our carpentry services have always been sources of inspiration and awe.

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As experienced air-conditioning professionals, we bring a whiff of fresh air to all aspects of air conditioning installation and service. With the ability to handle projects of any degree of complexity and having handled various brands, we bring rich experience to this domain.

Further, we bring the ability to blend seamlessly and share our inputs right from the design stage, so that your every need is precisely taken care and correctly ensured during implementation. Highly qualified and experienced professionals who relentlessly pursue excellence and commitment to any task is our number one offering.

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One of the most important and difficult tasks in construction and maintenance is plumbing, not because of the complexity alone, but more so because of the disastrous consequences that can happen if something goes wrong or is ‘just not right’!

With deep expertise in commercial and residential installations and solutions, we offer high standards of perseverance and excellence. We take all precautions before project commencement and ensure that every little detail is properly attended to. This rigorous attention to detail has won us a number of client references and repeat orders and garnered a sound reputation over the years.

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Ceilings are one of the most neglected areas in a residence or commercial space. But the importance they plan in defining the habitable space is something extraordinary. Ceilings influence everything right from the choice of lighting the spread of light. It also brings a perspective of depth to the room and defines your interior design and other elements in a subtle manner.

Win1 Creation’s no mess plaster ceiling solutions combine the old world craftsmanship with the latest of materials to deliver astounding solutions that are creative aesthetic and long lasting. Courteous in service, attentive to detail, aesthetic in design and practical in implementation, we are Win1 for you!

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Win1 Creation’s partition solutions are the perfect complement to your design, aesthetic and commercial needs. By maximising space, we ensure that you are able to achieve the best layout to optimally suit your needs.

Our glass panels and partitions add elegance to your space, whilst ensuring sound proofing-excellence and privacy. It also helps to lower your carbon footprint, as or glass panels are designed to utilize natural light to the maximum.

Our solutions are

  • Aesthetic
  • Sturdy, strong and designed to place
  • Non damaging in nature and installed with minimum downtime and ‘fuss’.
  • Quoted at fair rates and prices

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